The head in the clouds…

We at WEIRD MINDS are eager to try out new things. When most people were still having a suspicious look at cloud services, we were already using them for collaboration and team stuff.

By now we use a conglomerate of cloud services to fulfill our daily works and have built us a repository or services we use that fit our needs.

By now we have cloud services for all our office stuff to be handled, we are able to work on our 3D models almost everywhere, we can manage the team and assign tasks no matter if we’re using a smartphone, a notebook, a Chromebook, a tablet or a desktop computer.

We’re aware of the risks of our data stored and processed in the cloud. All sensitive data are stored in encrypted containers and the rights management of the cloud services we use, provide us with┬áthe flexibility to work the way we have to, but still maintain our data as private as possible.

We love and live a bright cloud business future.