Simplicity keeps you focussed.

Searching for a way to get rid of overhead and a fast and comfortable way to work on our online projects we have always been early adopters of new ideas and technology.
We also started using Chromebooks on the road and lately to be precise the “HP Chromebook 11”.

We decided to give this rather new platform a shot, because we already ported all our project documents over to GoogleDocs that can be worked on in the team.

Another advantage of the Chromebooks is the fact that you can basically log on to any of the chromebooks and start working with access to all the mails and documents.

Some think of it as a problem that you have to use Google accounts for it and all documents are hosted over at Google’s servers. To avoid this we don’t have any of the customers access informations on the Google accounts. Everyone has a personal flash drive with the personal project files on it and we’re using a private web based cloud service on our servers for the sensitive informations and documents.

The fact that you basically have to be online to work with the Chromebooks is also not really a problem, as the collaboration depends on the active network connection anyway and by now you have a working WiFi almost everywhere.

As a bonus the HP Chromebook 11 is surprisingly cheap and looks very stylish. It’s also nice to use during meetings as there is no system fan or any other mechanical parts that create disturbing noises.

For us, the Chromebooks are the perfect worktool that help to get our jobs done with a minimum of required space, a great display, good keyboard and a responsive touchpad.

When giving it a shot you should still keep in mind that accessing POP3 or IMAP accounts depend on web clients, but you can use the google account you have to use to authenticate to collect the mails from the mailserver and there is even a really good offline app. You also have to set up the office apps so that they can be used in offline mode, which is a fast and easy process.

If you’re interested to integrate Chromebooks in your company environment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more informations.