Office – Homeoffice – Crowdoffice

You surely know the feeling when every day in the office seems to be like the other?

You arrive. You work. Lunch time. You work. You leave.

We believe that workplace diversity helps to keep the work days interesting and motivates people to keep going without falling into that kind of routine. Quite some companies therefore started to grant some days of homeoffice for the employees to give them a feeling of more freedom throughout their workdays.

But the problem at home is, that you are constantly surrounded by other things waiting to be done. Possibly there is also the wife and children that forget that this is still working time for their beloved ones.

So our next logical step for this dilemma is the Crowdoffice.

This means working in your favourite sparetime spot like your favourite coffee bar  or beer garden to eliminate the aforementioned distractions that address people at a much more private level than any public space could ever do.

Only thing is to create a list for the employee that have to be present at this public working spot. Especially the security aspect has to be tackled with.

Just give it a shot and you will be surprised how relaxing and productive the Crowdoffice can be, even if there is a crowd of people around you.