Digital fitness assistance

Enhancing the fitness and preserving the health is an essential part of the human nature to expand lifetime and raise the well-being, aswell as halp to improve the work-life-balance. We at WEIRD MINDS are constantly researching for ways to help our team and our customers to live a good life. This is also the source of our current main project called “TRANSFORM – Nextgen Fitness Assistance“, which aims to help raising and preserving the fitness level where you spend a lot of your time: At home!

We’re working hard on our app which first targets the Xbox One platform and it’s users.

If you used and loved the good old Xbox Fitness app, you will instantly feel at home in “TRANSFORM – Nextgen Fitness Assistance“. We’re taking care that familiar concepts are kept and enhanced for you. At the moment we’re teaming up with fitness trainers to create the best possible trainings for you.

In the first stage we will introduce fitness trainings with video trainers and this will be constantly enhanced until we have the same features as the strongly missed Xbox Fitness.

Please check back from time to time to get updates on our progress.

Thank you for your attention!