Digital fitness assistance

Enhancing the fitness and preserving the health is an essential part of the human nature to expand lifetime and raise the well-being, aswell as halp to improve the work-life-balance. We at WEIRD MINDS are constantly researching for ways to help our team and our customers to live a good life. This is also the source of our current main project called “TRANSFORM – Digital Fitness Assistance“, which aims to help raising and preserving the fitness level where you spend a lot of your time: At home!

We’re working hard on our app which first targets the Xbox One platform and it’s users.

If you used and loved the good old Xbox Fitness app, you will instantly feel at home in “TRANSFORM – Digital Fitness Assistance“. We’re taking care that familiar concepts are kept and enhanced for you. At the moment we’re teaming up with fitness trainers to create the best possible trainings for you.

In the first stage we will introduce fitness trainings with video trainers and this will be constantly enhanced until we have the same features as the strongly missed Xbox Fitness.

Please check back from time to time to get updates on our progress.

Thank you for your attention!

Our choice. Unity 3D.

We’re currently working on several projects that are planned to be deployed to the target platforms Xbox One, Windows 10 and and more. During the last couple of months we had a look on most engines that are on the market at the moment. In the end we decided to continue working on Unity 3D – 2018 as our preferred platform.

One will require realistic sceneries and physics and we love the workflow, possibilities, sophisticated toolset and available assets, that will help to create the world we need for the project.

The latet Unity showcase “Book of the Dead” is one of the points that convinced us, this is the right choice for our projects.

(We care about your data, so this video was embedded using the enhanced data security mode with cookies switched off.)

The head in the clouds…

We at WEIRD MINDS are eager to try out new things. When most people were still having a suspicious look at cloud services, we were already using them for collaboration and team stuff.

By now we use a conglomerate of cloud services to fulfill our daily works and have built us a repository or services we use that fit our needs.

By now we have cloud services for all our office stuff to be handled, we are able to work on our 3D models almost everywhere, we can manage the team and assign tasks no matter if we’re using a smartphone, a notebook, a Chromebook, a tablet or a desktop computer.

We’re aware of the risks of our data stored and processed in the cloud. All sensitive data are stored in encrypted containers and the rights management of the cloud services we use, provide us with the flexibility to work the way we have to, but still maintain our data as private as possible.

We love and live a bright cloud business future.

Beeting – Taking meetings to a whole new level

As it seems we’ve just invented a new type of business meeting today!

We call it a “Beeting” (which derives from BatteryMeeting).

It’s a business meeting where at least two people team up to work at a coffee bar or restaurant or lobby to meet, discuss and work on something. The duration of the meeting is determined by the shortest battery life of the participants’ work drones. So, no matter if you’re really finished or not: When the first battery is drained, the meeting ends and it’s mandatory to switch over to fun, drinking, eating, brainstorming, smalltalk, … you name it!

Meeting this way is fun and also quite productive. If you’re someone who can’t stand it and need to tell an estimated lenght, just have a look at the estimated battery life at the beginning of the meeting.

Go on! Start beeting now!

Office – Homeoffice – Crowdoffice

You surely know the feeling when every day in the office seems to be like the other?

You arrive. You work. Lunch time. You work. You leave.

We believe that workplace diversity helps to keep the work days interesting and motivates people to keep going without falling into that kind of routine. Quite some companies therefore started to grant some days of homeoffice for the employees to give them a feeling of more freedom throughout their workdays.

But the problem at home is, that you are constantly surrounded by other things waiting to be done. Possibly there is also the wife and children that forget that this is still working time for their beloved ones.

So our next logical step for this dilemma is the Crowdoffice.

This means working in your favourite sparetime spot like your favourite coffee bar  or beer garden to eliminate the aforementioned distractions that address people at a much more private level than any public space could ever do.

Only thing is to create a list for the employee that have to be present at this public working spot. Especially the security aspect has to be tackled with.

Just give it a shot and you will be surprised how relaxing and productive the Crowdoffice can be, even if there is a crowd of people around you.