Beeting – Taking meetings to a whole new level

As it seems we’ve just invented a new type of business meeting today!

We call it a “Beeting” (which derives from BatteryMeeting).

It’s a business meeting where at least two people team up to work at a coffee bar or restaurant or lobby to meet, discuss and work on something. The duration of the meeting is determined by the shortest battery life of the participants’ work drones. So, no matter if you’re really finished or not: When the first battery is drained, the meeting ends and it’s mandatory to switch over to fun, drinking, eating, brainstorming, smalltalk, … you name it!

Meeting this way is fun and also quite productive. If you’re someone who can’t stand it and need to tell an estimated lenght, just have a look at the estimated battery life at the beginning of the meeting.

Go on! Start beeting now!

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