Digital fitness assistance November 2, 2022 - Enhancing the fitness and preserving the health is an essential part of the human nature to expand lifetime and raise the well-being, aswell as halp to improve the work-life-balance. We at WEIRD MINDS are constantly researching for ways to help our team and our customers to live a good life. This is also the source […]
Distributed working in pandemic times. August 2, 2021 - We’re living and working in strange times. The SARS-Cov2 pandemic has changed a lot for most of the people doing their jobs, but fortunately we’re using all the cloud services for much longer than most other companies. We also mix this strategy with decentralized concepts to keep our company running, even if our virtual private […]
Our choice. Unity 3D. August 21, 2019 - We’re currently working on several projects that are planned to be deployed to the target platforms Xbox One, Windows 10 and and more. During the last couple of months we had a look on most engines that are on the market at the moment. In the end we decided to continue working on Unity 3D […]
The head in the clouds… July 25, 2018 - We at WEIRD MINDS are eager to try out new things. When most people were still having a suspicious look at cloud services, we were already using them for collaboration and team stuff. By now we use a conglomerate of cloud services to fulfill our daily works and have built us a repository or services […]
Next Generation Concepts September 18, 2017 - Creating concepts for new grounds has been our aim since the company was founded. Being enthusiastic gamers in our sparetime, we often talked about visionary concepts concerning game design, game concepts and the use of next gen gaming capabilities. Letting our weird minds freely run we now started a project for doing a next gen […]